Are You Tired of Struggling With Your Thyroid Symptoms?

You are not alone! Over 20 million Americans have a thyroid gland disoder. Even my wife, Natasha, has Hashimoto's Disease.

Up to 90% of these patients have been misdiagnosed, which means they are receiving the wrong treament.

If your symptoms are preventing you from living a "normal life", something is being missed!

Think of your thyroid condition like a jig-saw puzzle. If a few pieces are left off of the table, you will never complete the picture.

Many of your are similar to the incomplete jig-saw puzzle; important pieces of your health condition have been missed, and/or overlooked!

What does that mean? Unfortunately, you are paying the price!

Getting to the Root Cause

Would you like to know WHY you developed this thyroid gland condition in the first place?

Taking medication and supplements, for some, is only a band-aid approach. 

Without understanding your WHY, the band-aids will always need to be applied.

It All Begins in Your Genes

Once you have your answers, now the healing journey may truly begin!

Managing your thyroid condition doesn't have to seem like rocket-science. 

Now that you have a deeper understanding as to why you feel the way you do, you may begin tackling each piece of your health puzzle. 

Mycotoxins, Viruses and Lyme Disease

At the heart of many thyroid gland disorders lie toxins, viruses and Lyme disease. 

To answer the question "why" do you have this condition and how do you get it under control, you must know what is driving the it.

Nutritional Deficiencies are Huge

When you are struggling with a chronic thyroid gland disorder, many times you will suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

Nutritional deficiencies will contribute to poor health, creating fatigue and decreased mental clarity.

Supporting the deficiencies through your healing journey can significanlty improve the quality of your life.

Complimentary Phone Consultation

Would you like the opportunity to ask Dr. King questions regarding your thyroid gland disorder before actually making a trip to the clinic?

Sign up for a complimentary phone consultation where you and Dr. King will go over your health conerns to see if scheduling an in-person visit would be best for you and your health condition.

What Others Are Saying...

I will always be thankful to Dr. King. He helped me understand how my body works and empowered me with knowledge. He transforms those who are ready to take a leap into great health!

Maria K. - CA

I am an ultra-runner, and a normal week for me was to log anywhere from 50 – 80 miles a week. I would go for long runs on weekends and run for 6 – 8 hours as training for my races. I did this starting in 2007 after running on the road for 25 years. I’ve always been blessed with a passion for running and when my love for the mountains married my love of running, ultra running for me began. In addition to running, I would go to the gym multiple times a week for strength training and also would do yoga a few times a week.  

My job started to get busier and busier and my workload and travel started to increase. After managing a busy travel and workout schedule, I noticed I would go on long runs and half way through my run, I would just run out of energy and have to walk back to my car. This went on for months before I got tested for an auto immune condition. For 3 ½ years, I have studied Hashimoto's Disease and changed so many things after learning what Dr King taught me about my autoimmune condition. I have altered my eating tremendously and do not eat: wheat, gluten, dairy, soy and have reduced my sugar intake and rarely drink alcohol.  

I also take supplements, but have not gone the traditional western medicine route which is diagnose, label and prescribe. I’ve learned to listen to my body and what it’s telling me. Sometimes it can be challenging to know when to push through and when to rest.. Just recently I was feeling very tired and had not been running as regularly as I would have liked so I decided to start this past Monday and get up at 5 a.m. and get out the door and just run. I left my house in the wind and rain and logged 8 miles and felt incredible the rest of the day. I managed to run 8 miles the next day and today ran 10 miles and feel fantastic. Is this the beginning of the new me? I hope so! I have a 35 mile trail race in 6 weeks and a 100K in May and I hope to finish both of them (God willing).  

It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to take charge of your, health but I have done so and am better for it and am myself again. I’m sure I’ll have ebbs and flows of energy but I now know what to do to get back on track!  

Pamela N. - CO  

It has been many years since I first saw Dr. King for help with my thyroid condition. I learned so much from him and have tried to pass along some insight to family and friends who also suffer with this condition and its related problems.  

I am certain that following Dr. King's advice and recommendations helped me, and will help other people. It is frustrating to seek a remedy only to be told to take a pill.  

To this day, years later, Dr. King always responds when I have a question. He is a kind, honest and caring man with knowledge and expertise.  

Amy A. - CA 

Dr. King's knowledge and ability is a God-send! He has helped me in so many ways - from controlling my weight and thyroid condition, how and what supplements to use, even understanding the importance of how the brain works in conjunction with my whole body. I can't express how appreciative I am for his sincere attention and care for each and every patient he serves.  

Thank you Dr. King!  

Linda P. - CA

My journey with my autoimmune Hashimoto’s Disease started in 2012 with western medicine over dosing me on medication. I kept having lots of symptoms which caused my body a lot of physical pain (inflammation). I seriously had lost hope until I was introduced to Integrative Medicine/Holistic medicine.  

It was the best thing I invested in.  

It wasn’t easy giving up my eating lifestyle, but I learned…food was my medicine.  

I never looked back as my body was healing, my energy was restored. I have gotten my life back, along with my motivation.  

I know western medicine has its place, but I know how my body has responded to the "good" things I have put into it.  

I am a pretty disciplined person when it does come to my health, and it was hard at the beginning but now it’s my way of living, and the reward is SO worth it.  

I am thankful for the natural medicine doctors that have been put in my life. Dr. King has taught me not to be fearful of food, I am wise with what I can eat but I don’t walk in fear about it anymore, which would cause me stress.  

At the beginning, I had to wrap my head around investing into my health financially.  

I finally realized that if I didn’t pay now, I was going to pay later…and I would “pay” with my health.  

The best compliment I have received is when my family doctor told me “you are one of the healthiest persons I know, I wish more of my patients would do what you do and invest in their health”.  

I am so grateful and blessed to have been taught how to take care of my health.  

Thank you, Dr King, for sharing health with my family. May you continually be used in your field to bless many others!  

Patty M. - CA

Dr. King’s knowledge is life changing. After years of suffering from low energy, brain fog, anxiety, depression, acid reflux and stomach issues my body began to mend and heal. He really was an answer to a prayer.  

I had finally found a program that my body responded to! I no longer needed naps every day, had energy, could enjoy more fun physical activities with family and friends and no longer had to take medication for my acid reflex.  

I am so thankful my friend referred me to Dr. King years ago...still reaping the benefits of his knowledge.  

Linda L. - CA

For the better half of my life (currently 23), I've been physically exhausted. Not simply, "oh I only got four hours of sleep" exhausted, but "I barely have enough energy to actively breathe" exhausted.  

At one-point last year, I was so fed up with being physically and mentally tired that I wondered if my parents would forgive me if I never woke up.  

The lethargy began roughly when I was eleven. Initially, doctors chalked it up to puberty and intense athletics. However, as time passed, I went from being sleepy in the morning, to sleeping ten hours a night and still being exhausted during the day. I tried short naps, long naps, various supplements, different doctors, and different treatments, but nothing helped. I was tired every day, without fail.  

This continued from middle school through high school. After graduating, I was so burnt out and physically exhausted, that I took a gap year before entering college. I thought that perhaps the gap year would help with the fatigue, but to my dismay, after the year had passed, I was still just as tired as I was in high school. I wasn't happy about this, but I accepted it. I completed two years as a pre-med student, did my extracurriculars, got good grades, etc... without major issue before transferring to art school. Now comes true exhaustion.  

If you think surviving pre-med at a good university is difficult or physically demanding, think again. It cannot even come close to comparing to how demanding art school is. Surviving in art school is difficult enough for anybody in good health, much less for somebody who's barely functionally awake for most of the day.  

Four terms into art school, I was so tired that I slumped off my desk chair and crumpled onto the floor to sleep. I was too tired to walk to the bed, five feet away. I remember waking up and still being so tired, that I didn't have enough energy to cry out my frustration.  

I heard about Dr. King through my father's work friend, who had mentioned that his daughter had had similar experiences and found relief. At first, I was hesitant to try anything - after all, I had tried so many other doctors and nobody had helped - but then thought there was nothing to lose in trying.  

As I filled out Dr. King's intake form, I found myself nodding and furiously ticking boxes. Every one of my issues was listed to varying degrees, and each question was more specific than the next. I could see that each question of the questioner was organized by system, going from broad to narrow, and back again to broader questions for a "whole picture" view of the problem. I was so happy to see somebody looking for root causes, rather than quick ways to patch the cracks in my health. I was so happy to see evidence of proactive thought, and not just "get a blood test, we'll see if you have any hormone imbalances."  

After the first call with Dr. King, I cried. For the first time, somebody was taking my health seriously. For the first time in several years, I felt as though I had actual hope of normalcy; hope that maybe I would be able to escape the mental and physical lethargy that had plagued me for so many years.  

Fast forward to current time. I am four months into treatment, and for the first time in a looong time, I haven't felt a need to collapse on the floor and sleep once the afternoon hit. I have been awake and for seven hours today. I never, never, thought I would ever be able to go that long without feeling like a freight train hit me.  

I am so, so incredibly grateful to Dr. King and all of his help. Not only did he listen and take me seriously, but he sought the healthiest, least damaging way to treat me. Weekly check-ins kept me on track, adjusting supplements as needed in order to treat me in the gentlest, most effective manner. I knew exactly what to look for and expect from each supplement in terms of potential reactions, or side effects, and exactly what to do in the event of encountering one. He gave me a clear and realistic timeline for treatment and worked with me to adjust to any travels or unexpected bumps along the road. Unlike other doctors that just throw prescriptions and orders at you, Dr. King is flexible in creating a treatment plan specific to your body and personal schedule.  

It is evident in the way he treats you that Dr. King genuinely cares about the state of your health, and your healing journey.  

I fully recommend Dr. King and can't praise/thank him enough for all of the help and hope he's given me. I look forward to the next term at Art Center to begin and can't wait to tackle the next assignments!  

Laurie O. - AZ