Dr. Corey King, D.C., has a passion for helping patients heal faster, and with less heartache. Dr. King does this using an integrative approach to health care; looking for the root cause, the ‘WHY’, to disease and sickness.  

Dr. King ran a Functional Neurological and Functional Medicine clinic in Southern California for 10-years, specializing in autoimmune conditions and thyroid gland disorders. 

He and his wife, Natasha, moved to Austin, TX to be closer to family in 2017. Another reason Dr. King and Natasha moved to Austin was to consult with Dr. Wally Taylor, a mold specialist, to help guide Natasha through a mold detoxification protocol and mentor Dr. King.  

Dr. Kendall Stewart was another mentor to Dr. King in Austin, as well. Dr. Stewart is the genetic specialist who began Neurobiologix and GX Sciences.  

Soon, Dr. King and Natasha began feeling pulled to the mountains. Natasha went to high school in Steamboat Springs, CO, and Dr. King wanted to fulfill his passion of mountaineering. So, they moved to Boulder, CO, and Dr. King opened his new clinic, Ask Dr. King, in Lafayette, CO at the end of 2018.