Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will I be under your care? A: This is probably the most common question I receive and one that does not have an easy answer. Why? No two patients are the same. When I manage a patient’s condition, there could be many health issues that need to be worked on. I give patients a general time frame based on their test results. Some patient’s bodies heal quickly, while some take longer.  

Q: Is insurance going to cover the specialized testing, and treatment. A: In Natasha’s words, “I wish!” We spent thousands of dollars on tests for her, along with her treatments. We have great health insurance, but insurance will not cover alternative care for chronic health conditions. For my patients, I use specialized labs that allow me to order any test I need, for an inexpensive rate. I pass the savings to patients. Dealing with a chronic health condition is difficult enough, let’s try to keep the laboratory/treatment costs down as much as we can.  

Q: How much will this cost me? A: Similar to the first question, we must determine what is wrong, first. Once we have answers, we can develop a game plan for what needs to be done. From their, we can discuss costs. Upfront costs for testing will be: $230 for basic blood work (68 markers), $249-379 nutritional deficiency testing/infection testing, and $365 for genetic testing. All patients are required to have these three test done, at minimum.  

Q: Can I heal living in a moldy environment? A: Since many patients hear our story about mold triggering Natasha’s autoimmune condition, I tend to work with similar patients. The short answer is, no! You will not be able to heal in the same environment that made you sick.  

Q: Will I be required to change my eating lifestyle? A: YES! Don’t expect to heal the body if you are putting inflammatory foods in it. You can’t throw gasoline onto the fire and expect it to go out. I will guide you through this process. Changing your eating lifestyle does not have to be difficult.  

Q: If I have an autoimmune condition, will I still have bad days? A: Natasha receives this question a lot on our social media platforms. Yes, you will still have bad days. However, your good days will begin to outweigh your bad days. We all hit bumps in the road. That is life. I will teach you how to minimize those bad days. That way, once you are kicking behind, you will know what to do to prevent/calm down those bad days.  

Q: How long will I need to be on medication/supplements for? A: Similar to a couple questions above, this is all dependent on your health condition and the triggers. At the very least, I recommend my patients support their genetic mutations once they have reached their health goals. Our genes are the reason we are who we are. We may as well support the genes that are not working well, long term, to prevent symptoms from coming back. Natasha and I take genetic support as we both have many genetic mutations.  

Q: If I have an autoimmune condition, will I always have it? A: Yes! Fortunately, once you know the triggers and what caused the autoimmune condition, you can manage it and still live a wonderful life!